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Brand Awereness

The main objective of Brand Awareness is to become “Top of Mind” with your consumers, or in other words to be the first brand that comes to mind when your customer thinks of your product or service. Think soft drinks, think Coca Cola. Think running shoes, think Nike. You get the idea. Our goal is to not only help you reach more people, but also get your brand in front of the right people with the aim of converting them into paying customers.


Advertising campaigns focused on reach are best suited for major brands with the aim of becoming leaders in their sector. In marketing, when your brand is shown to 1 person, we call this an ‘impression’. When measured it’s per thousand impressions, or CPM. If reach is your goal, we’ll work to increase your impressions, or reach, while driving down the cost.

Number of People Reached

Cost per Thousand Impressions

brand awareness

More Website Traffic

more traffic

Website Traffic is the perfect goal for companies or personal brands that are looking to get more visitors to their Blog, Vlog, or other online content. Campaigns with the purpose of getting more website traffic, will help you achieve greater visibility and recognition online.


Through traffic campaigns, we will identify who are the people interested in visiting your website for the lowest possible cost per click.

Website Visits

Cost per Click

Increase Sales

The benefit of promoting your products or services on Social Media, is that you have the opportunity of reaching your potential customers in any location, 24 hours a day.


This strategy is mainly implemented by E-commerce and brick and mortar shops.

Our focus is to increase the sales of your product or service and achieve the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI).

Return on Investment

Cost per Sale

increase sales

Increase Leads

lead generation

Leads are the main source of sales for many companies.


If your goal is to get more subscribers for your Newsletter, more leads for your call center, obtain a greater number of potential customers for your brick and mortar shop or online business, campaigns focused on lead generation are very effective for the acquisition of new customers.


Nowadays, Social Media has become a highly effective channel to get new leads at profitable prices.

Number of Leads

Cost per Lead

Are you struggling to acquire Leads through your website?

Predictive also offers landing page creation services. Get an optimized landing page that will increase your conversion rates. Contact us to learn more.



The first action we will take is to define your strategy. In order to do this, we first need to know your business goals, your products or services, and who your potential customers are. From there, we will determine the best way to reach your target audience. Lastly, we will define the KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) or ‘metrics’ critical to your success.


Once we have defined the strategy, the next step will be the set up of your campaigns. For this, the tracking tools will have to be implemented. These tools will allow us to measure the results we will obtain from the campaigns.


Once your campaigns have launched, their performance is monitored on a daily basis. We make sure that everything is moving in the right direction, maintaining constant communication between your company and our team. Think of us like an extension of your marketing team.


We constantly monitor the key metrics to gauge the health and success of your campaigns. Regular reporting enables us to track your growth week on week, month on month, and year over year. Each month you’ll receive your detailed monthly report where you can check the performance of your campaigns. Likewise, we can establish periodic calls to discuss the results obtained - 100% transparency!


Based on the previous data analysis, certain actions will be carried out to achieve an improvement in future results. We will plan the distribution of your monthly advertising budget, to make sure that we are promoting the best audiences and adverts. The goal of optimization is to maximize your return on investment..

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